ESONET-Vi (ESONET the Vision) is a consortium focusing on deep-sea observatories built upon ESONET (European Seafloor Observatory NETwork) activities, in complement to the EMSO (European Multidisciplinary Seafloor Observation) observatories infrastructures.The consortium aims at defining a perennial integration at European level of scientists from numerous laboratories using data collected by deep sea observatories.

ESONET-Vi will:
- organize exchange of personal between its members,
- organize joined experiments on ESONET observatories,
- promote development of new scientific packages on the existing observatories,
- organize conferences on the ESONET observatories data exploitation,
- organize specialized workshops on data management, data dissemination, new sensors, new technologies, inter-comparison of results, etc.

ESONET-Vi will allow linking geographically scattered complementary research, industrial and governmental elements in Europe in order to rapidly transfer and implement research results into science and industrial applications.